Always contact the property manager for all issues.

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Walter Campbell  -  Property Manager

Associa Community Group
4534 Bonney Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23462 USA
tel: 757-499-2200

Please do not e-mail board members individually

You can also register and enter your request on townsquare website:

TownSQ cell phone app and pc

This is strongly recommended and will speedup a process. Our assigned Community Association Manager is Walter Campbell, PCAM.  Walter has assigned an Associate to assist residents in our day to day operations such as responding to work orders in Town Sq., assessment inquiries, parking pass distribution etc. and her name is Donna Bodony.  Donna can be reached at or 757-747-0909.  Please note Associa-Community Group’s after hour emergency number is 757-490-4471.  Service request for maintenance should always be submitted through TownSq.  You can register for TownSQ. at  You will need your assessment account number and zip code to make an account.




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